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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Takshila Journal of Research (TJR). We are committed to publishing high-quality research across diverse disciplines. To ensure a smooth submission process, please adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Manuscript Preparation

1.1 General Formatting

  • Manuscripts should be written in English.
  • Us-e a standard font, such as Times New Roman, 12-point.
  • Double-space the text.
  • Set 1-inch (2.5 cm) margins on all sides.
  • Include page numbers in the upper right corner.

1.2 Structure

  • Title Page: Title, authors' names, affiliations, and contact information for the corresponding author.
  • Abstract: A concise summary of the research (150-250 words).
  • Keywords: 4-6 relevant keywords.
  • Main Text: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion.
  • References: Follow APA style for citations and references.
  • Figures and Tables: Include captions. Embed in the text or provide as separate files.

1.3 Length

  • Research Articles: Up to 7,000 words.
  • Review Articles: Up to 10,000 words.
  • Short Communications: Up to 3,000 words.

2. Submission Process

2.1 Online Submission

  • Manuscripts must be submitted through the TJR online submission system at TJR Submission Portal.

2.2 Cover Letter

  • A cover letter must accompany the manuscript, including:
    • A brief introduction to the research topic.
    • The significance of the study.
    • A statement confirming that the manuscript is original and not under consideration elsewhere.

2.3 File Formats

  • Acceptable file formats: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf).
  • Ensure all supplementary files are properly labeled and included.

3. Peer Review Process

3.1 Initial Check

  • All submissions undergo an initial screening by the editorial team for relevance, originality, and adherence to guidelines.

3.2 Peer Review

  • Suitable manuscripts are sent for double-blind peer review.
  • Reviewers provide constructive feedback within 4-6 weeks.

3.3 Revision

  • Authors may be asked to revise their manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments.
  • Revised manuscripts should be resubmitted within the specified timeframe, with a detailed response to reviewers’ comments.

4. Ethical Considerations

4.1 Originality

  • Manuscripts must be original work, not previously published or under consideration elsewhere.

4.2 Plagiarism

  • TJR employs plagiarism detection software. Manuscripts found to contain plagiarism will be rejected.

4.3 Conflict of Interest

  • Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

4.4 Human and Animal Rights

  • Research involving human participants or animals must comply with ethical standards. Include approval details from relevant ethics committees.

5. Post-Acceptance

5.1 Proofreading

  • Authors will receive proofs for final review before publication. Prompt return of proofs is required to avoid delays.

5.2 Open Access and Licensing

  • TJR is an open-access journal. Articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License, allowing free use and distribution with proper attribution.

5.3 Publication Fees

  • There are no submission or publication fees for authors.

6. Contact Information

For any queries regarding the submission process, please contact:

Takshila Journal of Research (TJR)
Email: admin@takshila.org.in
Phone: +91-9468162387

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